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Apr 7, 2020

In this episode, we talk about the effect social distancing has had in our families, Drew talks about the odd experience of getting takeout from Five Guys during Coronavirus (spoiler: a gun is in the story) and Dan explores pitfalls of doing shared purchases with neighbors in a segment called "How I ended up spreading...

Mar 10, 2020

CoronaVirus, Dan’s Sells His Juicer, Manuals and Staying On Track Toward a Goal

Feb 25, 2020

Why are you more likely to attend a football game in the dead of winter in a blizzard if you paid for a ticket instead of gotten it for free?   It's hard to let go of things we have invested in, even if continuing with them is not in our best interest.  This is the phenomenon of sunk costs. 

In this week's podcast, Dan...

Feb 7, 2020

Dan and Drew discuss the tricks used by retailers to get us to spend more.  Also we ponder a great mystery of the universe, how long is too long to take something back to COSTCO?  Dan provides a, um, case study.   You gotta hear it.

But before we get into that piece, Dan and Drew discuss when its best to challenge your...

Jan 24, 2020

Ep 10 - Selling Your Old Stuff Online (Is It Worth It?), 'Why'd You Buy That' and Two Highly Requested New Features